CloudCookies Amazon Connect Sandbox

The CloudCookies Amazon Connect Sandbox allows existing and new Amazon Connect Customers to create a feature rich and fully functional sandbox and test environments for Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, and AWS Machine Learning services.

This sandbox solution gives you full access to your own dedicated Amazon Connect environment in a single-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. You can edit the experiences, personalize, modify, and test end-to-end features. Once you’ve gotten the experience tuned perfectly, CloudCookies also offers migration services to take the resources you’ve built/modified and programmatically deploy them into your own AWS account.

Evaluate up to (3) use cases in a sandbox package, discover how you can leverage Amazon Connect and AWS to solve for common contact center challenges business face today, and provide an environment for your development teams to test new features, functionality, and configuration without risking impact to production.

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Per Sandbox Environment

  • Up to (3) Features/Functions


Each CloudCookies Amazon Connect Sandbox can include, but is not limited to the following features and functionality:


Native Functionality

Amazon Connect Features

Integration with AWS Lambda

Contact Control Panel (CCP) Agent Softphone

Integration with Amazon Lex Conversational AI

Setup, administration, and reporting

AI/Machine Learning

Custom Agent Desktop Functionality

Real-Time Voice Transcription

Real-Time Text and Voice Translation

Real-Time Customer Sentiment Analysis

Internal Chat with Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Routing

Self-Service Promotion to Agent Transcription

AI Omni-Channel

Custom Agent Desktop Functionality

Callback Task Management

Customer Outbound Voice Text-to-Speech Message Notifications

Customer Click-To-Dial for Voice Promotion and Escalation

One-Directional and Bi-Directional E-Mail Integration

Amazon Connect Chat

Amazon Connect Chat – Bi-Directional SMS Integration

Amazon Connect Chat – Bi-Directional WhatsApp Integration

Text Template Management for Copy/Paste of Text

Dynamic Escalate to Supervisor Queue

Secure Logout

UC/PBX Functionality

Custom Agent Desktop Functionality

Agent-to-Agent Video

Customer-to-Agent Video

Customer Click-To-Dial for Voice Promotion and Escalation

Extension-Based Dialing

Agent Voicemail

Queue Voicemail

Dynamic Outbound Caller ID

Internal Agent-to-Agent Chat

External Customer-to-Agent Chat

Amazon Workspaces

Custom Agent Desktop Functionality and VDI Environment

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Softphone Audio Redirect for Regional Compliance

Media-less Softphone

Contact Flow/IVR


Omni-Channel Chat, SMS, Task, Email, and Voice Routing

Voice Deflection to SMS, Chat, and Self-Service

Announcements – Holiday, Emergency, Message of the Day


Contact Authentication (Numeric)

Voice Contact Passive Voice Biometrics – Connect Voice ID

Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) – SMS Text Message

Contact Flow Fraud Detection & Control

Payment Processor Integration

Mobile Phone Validation

Callbacks – Queued & Scheduled

Estimated Wait Time & Position in Queue

Send SMS Text Messages

Send E-Mails



Amazon Connect Chat Implementation Into Cloned Website

Amazon Connect Chat Dynamic Pick-List

Amazon Connect Chat SMS Text Channel Integration

Amazon Connect Fraud and Abuse Prevention – Voice, Chat, SMS, & Social



Amazon Customer Profiles CRM integration (1) Schema

Web-Based Click-To-Dial (Outbound API) (1) Web Integration

Workforce Management (1) Data Type Export to Amazon S3

Quality Assurance (QA) (1) Data Type Export to Amazon S3

Quality Management (QM)(1) Data Type Export to Amazon S3

Real-Time Transcription Agent Desktop (1) Agent Desktop

Amazon Contact Lens

QuickSight Dashboard– Real-Time and Historical Metrics for Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex

Real-Time and Historical Data Export to S3(ALL) Data Types

Business Verticals

Personalized and Dynamic Experiences Specific to Your Business






The CloudCookies Amazon Connect Sandbox is available for all AWS Regions that support Amazon Connect. Feature/function availability is determined on a region-to-region basis and is subject to change. Sandbox environments will be deployed with default Amazon Connect service quotas.

To get started with your own CloudCookies Amazon Connect Sandbox, email

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