CloudCookies Enhancements

Amazon Connect is the most customizable Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) offering available on the market today. With CloudCookies Enhancements, you’re able to take advantage of the entire AWS ecosystem, consisting of over 200 unique services. CloudCookies Enhancements address common contact center needs such as sending e-mails and SMS text messages, voicemail, extension dialing, reverse phone number look-ups, and creating secure custom cloud portals for reporting and administration.

Per Item

  • Source Code
  • Training and Operational Artifacts
  • Manage Discovery, Development, and Implementation

Compliance and Data Governance


GDPR Contact Compliance

China-Based Agent Compliance

India-Based Agent Compliance

Emergency E911 Integration – Per Agent Desktop

Data Tenancy Within a Single Instance – Per Tenant



Extension/Quick-Connect-Based Dialing – Per Agent Desktop

Custom Agent Desktop/CRM Integration – Per Connector

Agent/Queue Voicemail (E-Mail) – Recording and Transcription

Dynamic Outbound Caller ID – Per Agent Desktop

Reduced Cost Agent-To-Agent Dialing – Per Tenant

Click-To-Dial Desktop – Per Agent Desktop

Contact flow


Holiday/Emergency Messages – Includes (5) Customizable Messages

Custom Management Portal – Examples: Emergency/Holiday

Cross-Region Resource Replication – Includes (1) Resource Type

Last Agent Routing

Contact Authentication (Numeric)

Voice Contact Passive Voice Biometrics – Connect Voice ID

Multi-Factor Authorization (MFA) – SMS Text Message

Contact Flow Fraud Detection & Control

Payment Processor Integration (Any)

Mobile Phone Validation – Amazon Pinpoint

Scheduled Callbacks

Estimated Wait Time & Position in Queue

Send SMS Text Messages – Amazon Pinpoint (5) Dynamic Templates

Send E-Mails – Amazon Pinpoint or SES (5) Dynamic Templates



Amazon Connect Chat Implementation

Amazon Connect Chat Dynamic Pick-List

Amazon Connect Chat SMS Text Channel Integration

Amazon Connect Chat Custom Integration – Per Integration

Amazon Connect Tasks Implementation(3) Pre-Built Tasks

Amazon Connect Fraud and Abuse Prevention – Per Channel



Amazon Customer Profiles CRM integration (1) Schema

Rolling ANI/DNIS for Voice and Data Transfer(25) Phone Numbers

Web-Based Click-To-Dial (Outbound API) (1) Web Integration

Workforce Management (1) Data Type Export to Amazon S3

Quality Assurance (QA) (1) Data Type Export to Amazon S3

Quality Management (QM)(1) Data Type Export to Amazon S3

Post-Call Transcription (Amazon Transcribe)

Real-Time Transcription (Amazon Transcribe)

Real-Time Transcription Agent Desktop (1) Agent Desktop

Amazon Contact Lens – Configuration & (2) Hours GetGood Training

Amazon S3 Sensitive Data Redaction(3) Data Signatures

Amazon Kinesis Sensitive Data Redaction(3) Data Signatures

Wallboards/Dashboards (10) Real-Time and/or Historical Metrics

Real-Time and Historical Data Export to S3(1) Data Type

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