Conversational Design is a mixed discipline between design and information-development. It is concerned with how Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) services interact and communicate with people. The goals of conversational design in the contact center are reducing contact transfer/abandon rates, contact hold/handle/resolution times, encouraging self-service, and allowing your agents to focus on more involved contact requirements. Design skills must be tailored to support contacts beyond different cultures and demographics using data to support their immediate needs. This approach provides a friction-less and positive experience.

CloudCookies understands the importance and benefits of conversational design for contact centers. We are able to clearly articulate trade-offs, considerations, and goal-based outcomes unique to your environments, including the nuances associated with providing consistent quality service to diverse demographics, cultures, and needs. Our data-driven benchmarks provide you with an accurate baseline of Word Accuracy, Word Error, Deflection, and Containment metrics critical to building dynamic and personalized experiences which encourage self-service.

CloudCookies Conversational Design Packages

Data Generation

Conversational Design

A and B Side “How May I help you?” Collection of Transcription Data

Dynamic Drivers Suggestion Implementation for Collection of Transcription Data

Connect Contact flow and Lex bot development for Collection of Transcription Data

(1) AWS Lambda Function Validation Code Hook for Collection of Transcription Data

Cost-Effective Intent Transcript Generation, Collection, and Implementation

Configuration of (1) Amazon S3 Bucket to Store Interaction Data

Interaction Data Analysis

Conversational Design

Configuration of (1) Amazon S3 Bucket to Store Interaction Data

Voice and Chat Transcription Collation in Amazon S3 of Existing Transcription Data

Theme and Pattern Detection, Using Existing Transcription Data

Word Cloud Generation of Contact Requests from Existing Transcription Data

Identification and Triage of Self-Service Opportunities from Existing Transcription Data

Self-Service Benefit Heat map from Existing Transcription Data

Discovery and Identification of Your Potential API Integration Points Needed to Allow Full Self-Service

Conversational Design

Interactive Conversational Design Story Board Sessions, Based on Existing Transcription and Interaction Data Analysis to Sculpt Dynamic Dialogue.

Story Board Creation of Each Interaction, Ideal for Quality Assurance

Conversational Solution Architecture Based on Existing Transcription and Interaction Data Analysis

Natural Language Training and Tuning Data Generation Based on Your Existing Transcriptions and Interaction Data Analysis

Error Handling and Best Practices


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