CloudCookies Rapid Prototyping

Shave months off your next technical evaluation, train resources and keep your fully functional prototype with CloudCookies Rapid Prototyping. Turn months of development into a focused two-day event led by CloudCookies Experts. Your teams will receive training before and during the event, gain valuable hands-on experience, and have everything they need to demonstrate your new solution in less than two days.

Each CloudCookies Rapid Prototyping engagement includes:


(20) Hours of Rapid Prototype Event Planning and Delivery

(2) Hours of Discovery of Minimum and Aspirational Prototype Requirements

(2) Hours of Resource Allocation, Event, and Logistics Planning

(2) Catered Lunch for up to (12) Remote and/or Local Participants

(16) Hours of CloudCookies Expert Rapid Prototype Event Leadership


Accelerated Training (as-needed, based on Scope of Work)

Management of Resources and Logistics

Interim and Final Event Reporting


Architectural Diagrams


Sample Code (Functional, but not Production-Ready)

Resulting Solution Based on Minimum and Aspirational Requirements (Functional, but not Production-Ready)

NOTE: Minimum and aspirational scope requirements are contingent upon the resources you provide for the event and their technical capabilities, to be determined on a case-by-case basis by CloudCookies Experts in associated Statement of Work (SoW).


Additional Hour

  • Get (1) Additional Hour

Rapid Prototyping Event

  • (20) Hours Event Execution
  • Resource Allocation, Event, and Logistics
  • Catered Lunch for your Resources
  • Architectural Diagrams
  • Documentation
  • Sample Code
  • Fully-Functional Prototype

Additional Lunch

  • Get (1) Additional Lunch

Think Big. Move Quickly.