How To Get Started with CloudCookies

Engagement Prerequisite

All CloudCookies engagements require an executed Master Services Agreement (MSA) between responsible parties of CloudCookies and your company prior to all work, and before generation of SOWs and delivery of invoicing.

Please contact us or email to get a copy of our MSA to get started today.

Statement of Work (SoW)

Each engagement includes an accompanying SoW in which the item(s) you’ve selected, your specific requirements, timelines, deliverables, and outcomes will be outlined and agreed upon prior to CloudCookies providing services.

AWS Usage

Pricing in this documentation does not include AWS Usage associated with your solution. CloudCookies will estimate your AWS usage, partnering with AWS wherever possible. We use the data you provide during requirements gathering and include an estimate with each Statement of Work (SoW).

Anything Repeatable Can Be Automated