CloudCookies focuses exclusively on Amazon Connect as a contact center solution. We see it as the fastest path to customer service innovation. With real-time contact, agent, and conversational data at your fingertips, you can create dynamic and personalized experiences to reduce cost and improve the customer experience.

Contact Center

Contact Centers give customers a way to reach out to business or receive communication about things that matter to them. A positive customer experience in the contact center is won through getting your contacts frustration-free and knowledgeable help as quickly as possible while adding a personal touch.

Sadly, most customers don’t look forward to reaching out to contact centers and don’t always have the greatest experiences. They might have vivid memories of being on hold for eternity, begging an automated virtual voice assistant to speak to a human, or getting a headache from repeating themselves as they’re transferred or disconnected. It doesn’t have to be like this.

Amazon Connect

AWS changed everything with the launch of Amazon Connect in 2017. Connect is an easy-to-use omni-channel cloud contact center that provides superior customer service and a seamless experience across voice and chat. AWS offers pay-as-you-go pricing, lowering cost while simplifying contact center operations and improving agent efficiency. This means you can set up a contact center in minutes which can scale to support millions of customers from the office or as a virtual contact center.

Now, businesses have a fast, cost-effective way to provide quality personalized and dynamic experiences for their contacts.


Contact Centers haven’t been a popular topic of conversation among business owners or the technical resources that develop, implement, and operate them. If you have ever needed to migrate or upgrade your contact center, you were guaranteed months or years of pain and expense. Complex licensing, proprietary technology, and costly professional services engagements have made it very difficult to provide a quality experience for contacts. The entire industry is in need of revolution. We can help.

Think Big. Move Quickly.

We can help.