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Amazon Connect

Planning, Configuration, Enhancements, Execution, Training, and Support


CloudCookies resources are Amazon Connect migration and implementation subject matter experts, offering personalized training and workshops, custom architecture, agent desktops, solution development, configuration, and end-to-end implementation of your Amazon Connect instance with enhancements, interim and long-term support options available.

Conversational Design

Collection, Analysis, Consultation, Execution, Training, and Support


Leading the industry in Amazon Lex and Amazon Connect integration experience, CloudCookies specializes in conversational design. We offer seamless collection and analytics of voice and text interaction data, prioritization and tuning of self-service capabilities based on use, consultation, and personalized configuration to your environment. CloudCookies provides the best end-to-end development and implementation of conversational solutions.

Machine Learning (ML)

Consultation, Migration, Transformation, Execution, Training, and Support


As pioneers in enterprise data science, AI and ML, CloudCookies offers consultation and more hands-on experience than any other AWS partner. We specialize in data migration, transformation, end-to-end development, implementation, and support of AI and ML solutions.

24/7 Enhanced Support

Break/Fix, Minor Changes, Root Cause Analysis, and Training


As an extension of your own teams and in addition to your existing vendor support, CloudCookies offers long-term enhanced support and technical account management options to assist your teams with platform and environmental troubleshooting, incident and problem management, impact remediation, and root cause analysis.

Expert Consultation

Guidance, Expertise, and Leadership


CloudCookies offers over 20 years of experience in business process automation, conversational design, technical support, software development, solution architecture, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and contact center technologies to lead your business to success.

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