CloudCookies is an Arizona-based Women-Owned & Operated Technology and Services Company Specializing in Business Process Automation, Conversational Design, and Self-Service.

Our Mission

At CloudCookies, we partner directly with non-profit organizations to provide assistance to the most vulnerable around the world and use technology to make the world a better place.

A portion of all proceeds go to the development of robotic process automation for the physically and mentally disabled. This means that when you do business with CloudCookies, you’re making a direct contribution to the automation of caregiver tasks, therapy, and daily living assistance for those that need it the most.

As we find success with our solutions, we make them open source for the entire world to contribute to and benefit from.

Get Connected

CloudCookies is an AWS Advanced Tier Partner, Exclusively Focused on Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, and AWS Machine Learning services. CloudCookies formed in 2021 by founding members of the Amazon Connect service at AWS.

We offer hands-on experience from over 60% of AWS’s 100 largest Amazon Connect customers since it’s launch in 2017. We find that it’s the fastest path to customer innovation

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,and Conversational Design

With cloud-based Machine Learning more accessible than ever before, friction-less self-service has become an effective way to reduce cost and improve customer experience in the contact center. For enterprise contact centers, reducing seconds from customer interactions, enabling self-service, and accurately predicting contact intent equates to millions in cost savings and performance improvement.

Business Process Automation

Whether you are planning automation for the first time or expanding capabilities to other solutions or business units, CloudCookies has you covered. We’ve done everything from synthentic monitoring, stress testing, and self-healing capabilities for global contact center platforms to fully- automated state and federal background checks for the leading provider of employment and criminal background checks in the mid-western US.

Innovators, Builders, and Problem Solvers

CloudCookies offers a holistic view of development, implementation, and support for small, mid-sized, and enterprise businesses across all verticals and geographies. Our experience allows us to quickly and effectively communicate, solve problems, and deliver results for companies of all sizes, geographies, and levels of technical acuity.

Operational Excellence

CloudCookies provides front-line early adoption expertise at scale, acting as an extension of your own development, support, and operational teams. Every engagement offers short-term support as your resources are on-boarding, at no cost to you. We know being able to meet and exceed expectations is the key to customer satisfaction and will ensure you have what you need to accomplish just that with every engagement.

Business at Scale

From every new perspective gained solving technology adoption and migration challenges at CloudCookies, we’ve found that documentation and knowledge transfer are critical for the development of training, run books, play books, and holistic operational excellence. With every CloudCookies engagement, your teams will have everything needed to support your new platform and any custom development built on top of it.

Scale Yourself.

We can help.