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Executive Summary

Flair Airlines chooses CloudCookies to transform its contact center operations using Amazon Connect, Amazon’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that allows you to provide superior customer service and a seamless experience across voice and chat. AWS offers pay-as-you-go pricing, lowering cost while simplifying contact center operations and improving agent efficiency.


About the Customer

Flair Airlines is Canada’s only independent ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC) and is trailblazing with an ambitious, rapid expansion to disrupt the monopolistic practices of Canadian airlines. Flair believes in air travel for all and that Canadians have paid far too much for far too long. Flair’s unwavering mission is to make travel more accessible, more affordable, and more exciting – to everyone.

Customer Challenge

As Flair Airlines grows their fleet, route network, and frequency of flights in record time, they look to CloudCookies and Kustomer for assistance migrating contact center operations to a platform that accelerates revenue growth, improves customer experience, and increases margins through the reduction of operational costs.


Flair Airlines looks to leverage AWS usage-based pricing, world-class resiliency of AWS infrastructure, and improve customer satisfaction. Flair Airlines is now able to leverage next-generation AI/ML capabilities to drive frictionless automation, self-service, and voice deflection. These transformation efforts, adoption of Amazon Connect, and integration with Kustomer CRM will provide Flair Airlines a platform to accelerate revenue growth, improve customer experience, and increase margins through the reduction of human capital costs.

Why CloudCookies

Flair Airlines chose CloudCookies because, in addition to serving as Kustomer’s exclusive Amazon Connect implementation partner, we have extensive knowledge and experience working exclusively with Amazon Connect, Lex and AI/Machine Learning services since the launch of Amazon Connect in 2017. Our leaders were founding members of the Amazon Connect service at AWS. While there, they were responsible for over 60% of the public documentation and reference architecture for Amazon Connect, which is still used today.

Our resources have experience providing prescriptive guidance and implementation support for hundreds of Amazon Connect migrations of all sizes, geographies, and verticals. Our experience comes from helping customers new to AWS establish their cloud organizations internally. We also work with existing AWS customers looking to reduce costs by adding feature/function, and scaling capabilities to their existing deployments. As pioneers in conversational design and natural language, we help customers get the most out of their Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex implementations.

Partner Solution

In less than four weeks, Flair Airlines transformed their Contact Center using Amazon Connect, Amazon’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. They are taking steps to become wholly digital, provide a better customer experience, and reduce the cost of operations. This transformation effort has allowed Flair to leverage AWS usage-based pricing, AWS infrastructure with world class resilience, and improve customer satisfaction.

Partnership with CloudCookies, the adoption of Amazon Connect, AWS Single Sign-On, and integration with Kustomer CRM allows Flair to continue paving the way for ULCCs around the world. They continue rapid expansion while improving the customer experience. This allows them to reduce operational costs, and passing those savings on to their customers.

Results and Benefits

Flair Airlines was able to leverage usage-based pricing and improve insight into Operational Metrics like Average Handle Time, Average Wait Time, and Agent Idle Time. This allowed them the opportunity to save 29.7% of their total Contact Center spend while giving them a platform to simplify contact center operations, scale to meet the growing needs of their customers, and improve agent efficiency through enhanced reporting and monitoring capabilities. Flair Airlines was able to improve the customer experience by offering queued callback and SMS options in Canadian French and English when wait times were high and use customer data to predict the reason for call, based on recent reservation and website activity.

Result Highlights

AWS, Amazon Connect and Kustomer CRM Migration

Migration in less than 4 weeks – AWS, implement AWS Single Sign-On (SSO), Amazon Connect, and Kustomer CRM integration

Updated Kustomer CTI Adapter – Modification of the existing Kustomer CTI integration to enable worldwide use (Canada for Flair)

New Kustomer AWS SSO Integration – Developed a new integration process for AWS SSO <> Kustomer to allow Single Sign-On (SSO)

Position In Queue – Position in Queue Provided to Voice Contacts, allowing them to opt in for a Callback or SMS to avoid high wait times

Estimated Wait Time – Estimated Wait Time Calculated and Provided to Voice Contacts, allowing them to opt in for a Callback or SMS option

Twilio SMS Deflection – Developed Integration process with Twilio SMS to allow seamless deflection from Voice to SMS Agent Chat

Dynamic and Personalized Experiences – For Canadian French and English Contacts, leveraging Kustomer and Flight Reservation Data


About CloudCookies

CloudCookies is a Select Tier AWS Technology and Services Partner specializing in business process automation, conversational design, and self-service. We exclusively leverage AWS services to deliver next generation and cutting-edge solutions for our customers. We offer consulting, migration, integration, custom development, training, and support.


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