Case Study – Retail



Executive Summary

Browns Shoes revolutionized its Contact Center by harnessing the power of Amazon Connect, Amazon’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform, as part of their broader digitization initiative. This strategic shift enables Browns Shoes to unlock the advantages of AWS usage-based pricing, leverage the robust AWS infrastructure renowned for its resilience, and elevate overall customer satisfaction. The adoption of Amazon Connect, combined with seamless integration with Kustomer CRM, serves as a pivotal platform to propel revenue growth, enhancing the customer experience, and optimizing profit margins by reducing human capital costs.


About the Customer

Browns Shoes is a well-established Canadian footwear retailer founded in 1940 by Benjamin Brownstein in Montreal, Quebec. They offer a diverse range of footwear for men, women, and children, including popular international brands and designer labels. With both physical stores across Canada and an online platform, Browns Shoes is known for its commitment to quality, excellent customer service, and staying current with fashion trends, making it a go-to destination for stylish footwear.

Customer Challenge

Browns Shoes grappled with a multifaceted challenge tied to their outdated, complex multi-screen system, causing inefficiencies in managing customer requests across channels, especially during peak queue times. This led to extended call durations and increased expenses for voice prompt changes, involving the hiring of voice actors. Their core objectives centered on streamlining operations, reducing contact-related costs, and establishing a scalable platform that integrated seamlessly with their CRM, serving both Canadian French and English-speaking customers. They sought a solution to enable prompt changes, voicemails, and improved communication, prompting their need for an experienced partner to guide their transition, providing migration support and comprehensive training for their managers and agents.


The adoption of AWS aligns perfectly with Browns Shoes’ strategic goals, offering compelling benefits such as flexible, usage-based pricing, the unmatched resiliency of AWS infrastructure, and an enhanced focus on customer satisfaction. With AWS, Browns Shoes gains access to cutting-edge AI/ML capabilities that drive friction-less automation, self-service options, and efficient voice deflection.

Why CloudCookies

Browns Shoes chose CloudCookies as their preferred partner for several compelling reasons. First, CloudCookies demonstrated unparalleled expertise in Amazon Connect, Lex, and AI/Machine Learning within the AWS ecosystem, aligning perfectly with Browns Shoes’ goals of enhancing their cloud capabilities and reducing costs. Additionally, CloudCookies’ reputation as pioneers in conversational design and natural language processing made them uniquely qualified to maximize the potential of Amazon Connect and Lex, ensuring a superior customer experience.

Moreover, Browns Shoes resonated with CloudCookies’ inspiring story and their company mission. They admired CloudCookies’ commitment to giving back to the physically and mentally disabled, and they found it meaningful to contribute to this cause through their partnership. This alignment of values and purpose further strengthened their decision to collaborate with CloudCookies.



Partner Solution

The partner solution for this transformative Browns project is structured around comprehensive training for agents, administrators, and supervisors using a train-the-trainer approach, accompanied by personalized runbooks and playbooks. The migration to Amazon Connect seamlessly encompasses the transition of the existing IVR system and its functionalities, extending to Browns Shoes’ entire contact center team. The integration with Kustomer CRM will be executed seamlessly, and technologically, the project will involve advanced features such as real-time reverse phone number lookup through Amazon Pinpoint, dynamic Contact flows and Customer Queue flows in both English and French for enhanced service during peak periods. Additionally, an innovative User Onboarding Management Portal secured by Amazon Cognito, alongside AWS Lambda functions, will automate user provisioning, de-provisioning, and customer profile updates based on IVR selections, including language preferences and interaction history, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient solution.

Customer Quote

“I want every customer to say, ‘I need to go to Browns,’ not ‘I need to buy a pair of shoes.’ If we accomplish this, then we have succeeded in associating shoes with Browns in a customer’s mind, making Browns the sole destination for purchasing shoes.”

– Chairman Morton Brownstein


Results and Benefits

Result Highlights

AWS, Amazon Connect and Kustomer CRM Migration

Migration in less than 4 weeks – AWS, Amazon Connect, and Kustomer CRM integration

Updated Kustomer CTI Adapter – Modification of the existing Kustomer CTI integration to enable worldwide use (Canada)

Elimination of expenses associated with prerecorded prompts – Utilizing Amazon Polly Text-To-Speech (TTS)

Enhanced tracking of customer interactions – Encompassing email, SMS, and voice, all managed from a single, integrated solution.

Estimated Wait Time – Estimated Wait Time Calculated and Provided to Voice Contacts, allowing them to opt in for a Callback or SMS option

Twilio SMS Deflection – Developed Integration process with Twilio SMS to allow seamless deflection from Voice to SMS Agent Chat

Dynamic and Personalized Experiences – For Canadian French and English Contacts, leveraging Kustomer and Browns Shoes Customer Data

About CloudCookies

CloudCookies is a distinguished Select Tier AWS Technology and Consulting Partner, specializing in business process automation, conversational design, and self-service solutions. We exclusively harness the power of AWS services to provide innovative solutions for our clients. Our services cover consulting, migration, integration, custom development, training, and support, ensuring our clients receive top-tier expertise. What sets CloudCookies apart is our extensive experience and deep knowledge, making us the preferred choice for those seeking transformative AWS solutions that break the mold.

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