Case Study – Transportation

Executive Summary

Amazon Freight chooses CloudCookies to transform its contact center operations using Amazon Connect, Amazon’s Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) platform. Amazon Connect is an easy-to-use omnichannel cloud contact center that allows you to provide superior customer service and a seamless experience across voice and chat. AWS offers pay-as-you-go pricing, lowering cost while simplifying contact center operations and improving agent efficiency.

About the Customer

Amazon Freight Shippers can leverage Amazon’s supply chain capabilities and technology, in addition to 30,000+ Amazon-owned trailers and 30,000+ trusted carriers to meet your shipping needs. Amazon Freight offers the dependability, reliability, tracking, and high performance you deserve from your shipping partner. The Amazon network runs 24/7, 365 days a year, and as a part of Earth’s most customer-centric company, they’ve built easy-to-use solutions to ensure visibility from quote to payment.

Customer Challenge

Amazon Freight uses disparate tools and platforms, making it difficult for agents to service customer requests. Agents need to be able to service contacts more efficiently, using AI and serverless technologies to automate repetitive tasks like setting callback reminders, tagging additional actions as attributes to the current contact’s metrics, placing contacts on hold while brokering support in real-time, having multiple platforms and utilities available in a single desktop, and allowing asynchronous internal and external chat. Amazon Freight requires a powerful workflow engine to allow tasks to be routed to the agent desktop with task details. This will allow metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to be viewed through native Amazon Connect Metrics and Reporting.


This transformation allows Amazon Freight to leverage AWS usage-based pricing, world-class resiliency of AWS infrastructure, and improve customer satisfaction. Amazon Freight is now able to leverage next-generation AI/ML capabilities to drive frictionless automation, self-service, and voice deflection. Custom Amazon Connect Agent Desktop, Chat, and Tasks provides Amazon Freight a platform to accelerate revenue growth, improve the customer experience, and increase margins through the reduction of human capital costs while streamlining business processes.

Why CloudCookies

Amazon Freight chose CloudCookies because we have extensive knowledge and experience working exclusively with Amazon Connect, Lex and AI/Machine Learning services since the launch of Amazon Connect in 2017. Our leaders were founding members of the Amazon Connect service at AWS. While there, they were responsible for over 60% of the public documentation and reference architecture for Amazon Connect, which is still used today.

Our resources have experience providing prescriptive guidance and implementation support for hundreds of Amazon Connect migrations of all sizes, geographies, and verticals. Our experience comes from helping customers new to AWS establish their cloud organizations internally. We also work with existing AWS customers looking to reduce costs by adding feature/function, and scaling capabilities to their existing deployments. As pioneers in conversational design and natural language, we help customers get the most out of their Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex implementations.

Partner Solution

By integrating multiple tools and platforms into a single desktop, agents are able to service contacts more efficiently using Artificial Intelligence and serverless technologies. This allows the automation of repetitive tasks like setting callback reminders, tagging additional actions as attributes, placing contacts on hold while brokering support in real-time, having multiple platforms and utilities available in a single desktop, and allowing asynchronous internal and external chat. This engagement also allows Amazon Freight to leverage Amazon Connect Contact flows as a powerful workflow engine. Tasks can be routed to the agent’s desktop with details through Amazon Connect Tasks, where metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be viewed through native Amazon Connect Metrics and Reporting.

Results and Benefits

CloudCookies implemented dynamic, personalized experiences and self-service capabilities for voice and chat contacts. This allowed Amazon Freight to track interactions with customers and internal chats between agents in real-time. With the resulting data, they were able to build a business case to retire their existing chat solution for internal chats between agents, which could not be tracked in metrics or used for adherence. In migrating to Amazon Connect, Amazon Freight was able to streamline their business operations, agent staffing, implement agent groups, and establish new Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for their business units. This helps support the rapid and continual on-boarding of new customers and training of new agents.

Customer Quote

“i liked that i didn’t hafta scramble to find R4S contacts, managed to make an outbound call and tag my call… if i can figure it out on the first guess without getting frustrated on the first try, well by-golly that dummy proof 😂”

-Amazon Freight Enterprise Ops Associate

Features and Functionality

Agent Desktop

Custom Agent Desktop Functionality

Callback Tasks – Follow-Up Management

Callback Tasks – Ability to Re-Assign Tasks from Agent to Queue

Amazon Connect Chat – Agent to Agent Contacts

Amazon Connect Chat – Customer to Agent Contacts

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) – Internal Chat Routing

Text Template Management – Copy/Paste of Text

Dynamic Escalation – Escalate Contact to Supervisor Queue

Contact Tagging – Ability to Tag Attributes to Chat, Task and Voice Contacts

Secure Logout – Set status to Offline and Logout

Callback Management Portal

Custom Management Portal Functionality

Create, Reference, Update, Delete, and Re-Assign – Callback Tasks

Metrics Dashboard – Near Real-Time Visibility into Callback Tasks

Historical Search – Flexible Query System

Data Export – Comma Separated Value (CSV) Export

About CloudCookies

CloudCookies is a Select Tier AWS Technology and Services Partner specializing in business process automation, conversational design, and self-service. We exclusively leverage AWS services to deliver next generation and cutting-edge solutions for our customers. We offer consulting, migration, integration, custom development, training, and support.


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